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Why choose Community Radiology of Virginia?


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional precautions at our facility to keep patients and employees as safe as possible.


If your doctor has prescribed a diagnostic imaging test such as an MRI, CT, or Mammogram and you are uneasy about having it performed at the hospital where they are treating patients with COVID-19, you are not alone. Millions of patients across the country are refusing tests at hospitals due to the higher risk of being infected. You have safer options.  Community Radiology of Virginia has implemented the following processes to assure you are able to complete your necessary imaging test in the safest environment possible. 

To protect and safeguard the health of our patients, employees, and our community, we’ve made changes to our standard operating policies. In addition to our standard safety measures and stringent sanitary processes, we are taking extra steps to ensure everyone’s safety.


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Low Cost Imaging

At Community Radiology You’ll Pay Less and Save Your Hard-earned Money

At Community Radiology, patients pay less and save more hard-earned money.  For example, Hospitals typically charge $3000+ for an MRI and that may not include the doctor's fee.  At Community Radiology our MRI self-pay price including the doctor's fee is $500!  Patients can save over $3000! 

Even patients covered by insurance can save money.  Many patients have high deductibles and imaging costs are often required to be paid out of pocket.  With most exams at Community Radiology less than $500, patients can save thousands!

Even patients who have met their deductibles can save!  A patient’s responsible portion of a typical MRI can be hundreds of dollars less!

Real-Life Scenarios

Live in Rural Area and Doctor Sends you to the Hospital

You need an MRI and have not met your $5000 deductible and it’s your responsibility for all of the allowed charges.  The amount was $3,500 at the nearby hospital.  Thankfully that you called Community Radiology of Virginia.  Where you learned the allowed amount was just $500 and saved $3,000.

High Deductible – H.S.A. Plan

You need a CT and your doctor refers you to the hospital.  You have not met your deductible for the year. After calling the hospital you learn that you will be responsible for the full amount of $1,500 because it will be applied to your deductible.  Thankfully, you called Community to keep the $1,000 difference for future needs.

Out of Network Insurance – Used Self Pay Rates

You need an MRI and plan to go to the hospital that was a preferred provider for your insurance.  Neither the insurance nor the hospital can give you the exact cost but estimated around $3,300.  You will be responsible for the complete amount since you have not met your deductible.  You call Community Radiology of Virginia and asked about their “self-pay” option if you don’t use insurance and find the amount is only $500 with a saving of $2800.

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